If you are between 11-19 years old, you know being a teenager can be hard. If you’re past those years you have memories of the challenges. But adolescence is also an amazing time of self-awareness and discovery along the journey to adulthood.

YFC Military provides separate programs for High School and Middle School students called Campus Life. Campus Life is a place where YFC adult and student leaders seek to connect students with healthy relationships in the context of faith and life. We desire to create the space where every teenager can be themselves but can also hear good news, hope and affirmation.

Campus Life is a place where students will hear and experience leaders whose lives have been changed by their faith in Jesus Christ. Our desire is to see that every student will have the opportunity to hear they are loved by God and that they always have a choice to grow in their understanding and commitment to being followers of Jesus Christ. No arm twisting, no guilt or shame tactics just a decision that will put them on a path where their faith will bring a new perspective on all of life. We do this by encouraging a mentally, physically, spiritually and socially balanced life.  

What does Campus Life look like on or around a military installation or in a military community? That depends. We want to go where we are needed and invited. When our staff arrive our desire is to create locally led, chapel connected, school and community focused ministry. So it may vary at different locations!  What we ask all staff to do is be a part of creating visibility and influence in a community through: mobilizing widespread prayer, initiating loving relationships, committing to faithful bible teaching, seeking collaboration with like-minded organizations and being adults who empower.